cyber security

to protect children

Cyber ​​security for children

Towards a safe society for our children

Contribute to building a cyber-educated generation and provide the necessary advice and guidance that contribute to providing a safe and reassuring environment for children
General Instructions

Don't open links from strangers

Don't respond to any message or request if you don't understand what it means and tell your parents about it directly.

Think before you share

Don't share personal information online, such as where you live or what school you attend.

Don't Cyberbully

Treat others online as you would like them to treat you.

Ask for help when you need it

When you see something uncomfortable online, talk to an adult you trust.

Cyber ​​Security Association in Iraq
  • Contribute to raising the awareness of children and their families against cyber risks
  • Develop children’s protection and safety skills in the field of protection and safety
  • Contribute to training children about the safe use of the Internet
  • Providing advice and guidance in cyber security for children